This functional spa bar has been formulating in my head for over a year. The apiphany came to me in the shower one morning – I keep a variety of soaps in my shower including a beautiful exfoliating bar and my favourite complexion bar. As I shower I switch out my bars as needed (sometimes I need a little scrubby, sometimes I don’t). One day I put one bar on top of the other, they dried together and I couldn’t pull then apart so I just used as they were. I loved that I just had to flip my bar to change from luscious lathery soap to gentle exfoliation as needed. My Double Double Spa bars were born in my brain. Last week they finally came to fruition in my soap kitchen.

Double Double Citrus Spa bar with exfoliation on one side, an organic chocolate pencil line in the middle and decadent skin loving goodness on the other.

Formulating the scrubby side was fun. I wanted enough scrubby to tackle those rough elbows, knees, heels and rough patches without being too rough. This consists of a blend of pumice, orange peel granules, lemon granules and cornmeal. Yellow clay is added for slip and colour. An uplifting blend of essential oils is the crowning glory.

This bar is poured in layers. Here, I am adding the organic chocolate pencil line. Another layer of “scrubby” soap will be poured over this – another pencil line of chocolate then the final layer of “smooth” soap.

The full slab of Spa bars on the log splitter. This beautiful bar is scented with an uplifting citrus blend of essential oils and topped of with energizing peppermint/spearmint EO’s

Sumptuous logs of citrus Spa bars. I am thrilled with how these turned out. It is exactly what I envisioned.

Time for a close-up. The slab has been split into logs. I still have to do the vertical cuts to make single slabs then cut into bars. You can see the exfoliating layer and chocolate pencil line.

Spa Bars on the curing rack after cutting, trimming, and stamping. Stay tuned for more Double Double Spa Bars. Hint – Chocolate and Coffee will be involved..