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spray, smudge, indigenous, first nation


SizeLarge 4 oz

A smokeless, indigenous-inspired alternative to smudging. This room and linen mist embodies the clearing benefits of sage + cedar with the cleansing/healing properties of palo santo. Used to clear energy, give lightness to spirit and open the soul for loving guidance and healing.

This centering blend has a calming effect on both a physical and emotional level and is an excellent tonic for the nerves. Use at home for freshening and balancing, or before yoga, meditation or sleep.

The perfect size for travelling or for your yoga bag.

How to Use:

Set your intensions, shake well and mist in all rooms to cleanse the air and dispense of  negative energy. Spray on drapes and linens to freshen or spray on bedding and pillows for an all-night aromatherapy experience.

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