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SizeLarge 4 oz

Experience the allure of "Home + Linen Mist - Lavender," now with the harmonious organic blend lavender. Transform your space into a haven of intimacy and sophistication while enjoying the refreshing benefits for your linens and upholstery. Elevate your décor and evoke a sense of calmness with each spritz of "Home + Linen Mist - Lavender."

The perfect size for travelling or for your yoga bag.

MOOD: Dreamy, Comforting, Serene

HOW TO USE: Elevate your surroundings with our transformative product. Set your intentions, give it a purposeful shake, and watch as it gracefully mists through each room, clearing the air and ushering out negative energy. For a touch of luxury, spritz it onto drapes and linens, or turn bedtime into an enchanting aromatherapy experience by applying it to your bedding and pillows. Discover a new level of ambiance and connection with our thoughtfully crafted offering.

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