Full Moon Luxury Bar – March Crow Moon

Full Moon Luxury Bar – March Crow Moon


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Snow begins to melt, the ground softens and earthworms appear. The cawing of crows can be heard around the villages signaling the end of winter. This mythological, intelligent creature inspired me to scent with Thieves essential oil blend while triple milk blend has been added to moisturize and protect. Activated Charcoal and clay purify and cleanse.

Did you know? Circa 1413, according to folklore, the Bubonic Plague was devastating Europe. During this time four thieves were captured for stealing from the dead and dying. This was punishable by death but the judge was so intrigued that the thieves did not contract the deadly virus despite being in constant contact with the Black-death victims. He told them if they shared their secret they will not be burned at the stake. The thieves revealed that they were spice merchants who could not work due to closure of the sea ports to try to stem the transmission of the deadly disease. In order to protect themselves, they had prepared an essential oil blend (Thieves Oil) that they applied to their hands, ears, temples, feet and masks over their mouth to keep them safe from infection. The judge was true to his word of not burning the thieves at the stake, but instead, hung them for their crimes. But their legacy lives on in Four Thieves Essential Oil Blend.

*All soaps have been individually handcrafted so variance in pattern, color and design are expected; giving each one its own unique design and character.

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Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2.5 cm

For all skin types – Especially beneficial for acne prone, congested or irritated skin.
Use daily as needed – rinse well and gently pat dry. For external use only.
If pregnant, consult with your physician before using products made with essential oils.


Use a draining soap dish or soap saver between uses to get the longest life out of your artisan bar.


Saponified oils/butters of: coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, sustainable palm oil, triple milk, organic Shea butter, activated charcoal, white kaolin clay, mica and essential oils Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus + Rosemary.


Full Size 120 gr