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RavenSong Double Double Citrus Spa Bar

This functional spa bar has been formulating in my head for over a year. The apiphany came to me in the shower one morning –  I keep a variety of soaps in my shower including a beautiful exfoliating bar and my favourite complexion bar. As I shower I switch out my bars as needed (sometimes I […]

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December Cold Moon

During December, the winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest, giving this month’s full moon the name “Cold Moon.” December “Cold Moon” is on the racks so reserve yours now. It will be ready for shipping by the end of December. This beautiful bar contains activated charcoal and a […]

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It’s beginning to look like Christmas

Looking for great gift ideas for that special person who is difficult to buy for or just has everything? RavenSong custom gift bags/boxes has something for everyone; from men’s shaving collections to spa collections for women and men. Give me a call or drop me a personal message and I can help you do your […]

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Italian Silk

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.   Silk adds a wonderful slip to soap (no drag) and creates lovely bubbles that rinse of clean – leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. As you know I have taken a hiatus for the month of September and spent that time travelling around Europe. I covered 6 […]

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Making Haida Potlatch Soap

This is one of the soaps that I get the question “how did you do that?”, more times than any other bar of soap.  This bar of soap took me about 8 years to conceive and 2 years to perfect the technique. Actually, the technique will never be perfect in my eyes as I discover […]

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Making Soap – Back to the basics

It has occurred to me that I may be over thinking this whole blogging business. After a little bit of healthy nagging from my husband and a firm “just do it” kind of talking from myself, I decided to start with a basic soap making overview of my process. This however, is not a soap […]

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RavenSong Ramblings

Welcome to “RavenSong Ramblings”. Making soap is my passion, but fear not, this blog is not going to be just about soap.  Like every passion, I do need to take a break and live in the real world. So the time I do not spend obsessing about and creating the most gorgeous, skin loving, decadent […]

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