Excited for our Grand Opening

It is with excitement and great pleasure that we open our new store in Willow Point. This has been a long process with dedication from staff and colleagues that have helped create this wonderful new space that we can share with our community.

The itinerary includes a smudge and blessing and a Haida welcome song.

” I acknowledge and am proud to live, work, and play on unceded territory of WE Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum and Kwiaka First Nations”

With gratitude,


RavenSong Double Double Citrus Spa Bar

This functional spa bar has been formulating in my head for over a year. The apiphany came to me in the shower one morning – I keep a variety of soaps in my shower including a beautiful exfoliating bar and my favourite complexion bar. As I shower I switch out my bars as needed (sometimes […]